Using traditional materials, including natural stone and slates to lead, we continually strive to conserve and restore the heritage of our national buildings.

Continual training of our craftsmen ensures traditional skills developed over the centuries are maintained and preserved and taught to the next generations.

Our heritage roofing operatives have been awarded CSCS heritage card status, making us among the first in the country to achieve this accolade. Working on heritage projects demands a high and exacting skill level that is honed with years of experience to achieve standards and knowledge few can match.

Working on castles or churches, cathedrals or scheduled ancient monuments, the forensic approach to detail to ensure the finest features are conserved or restored, is what our heritage teams are about. As well as the trade disciplines, every aspect of the work must be recorded and photographed for posterity.

Recycling and reusing materials is a key part of any heritage project and training employees in these time-honoured techniques is also beneficial to the environment. We use natural materials, reused or re-fashioned, to make sure we manage our limited natural resources.

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