As a company, we are committed to reducing the environmental impact of our business activities, we believe that effective environmental management makes sound business sense and we encourage all employees to play their part.

Green roofs are a visually stunning representation of how industry can blend technology with the environment to create a vibrant and changeable project which can reflect the seasons.

We have invested in green roof landscaping and can deliver any specifically designed system from recreational gardens and parks to simple low maintenance environmental greening and bio-diverse ecological solutions.

Blyth Valley Beach Huts
Working with Blyth Valley Borough Council, we turned beach huts into beach gardens, featuring a design so unique it could transform the future of Britain’s seafronts.

The twenty beach dwellings had a single-ply water proof layer installed with a bespoke Diadem Green Roof covering. This produced a stunning beach scene that grabs the attention of locals and visitors, alike.

The system is ideal for standing up to the harsh seaside condition, whilst the foliage in the green roofing has been carefully selected to thrive in the sea air.