Using innovative thermally efficient materials that are constantly evolving with technical advancements, we can now offer guarantees of up to 30 years with life expectancies far greater. The flat roof industry now offers a full service from survey condition reports to design recommendations tailored to any flat roof requirement.

Flat roofs, if installed correctly, are designed to be efficient and have life span longevity that can be a rival for any other type of roof covering.

At Hodgson Sayers we specialise in all aspects of flat roofing including:

  • Built-up felt roofing
  • Asphalting
  • Single ply systems
  • EDPM
  • Liquid applied systems
  • Hot melt structural waterproofing
  • Green roof solutions
  • Solar PV installation

At Hodgson Sayers we are passionate about what we do, excellence is our mantra and that is reflected in all aspects of our business. The customer’s satisfaction is the priority and by delivering value we can ensure our business and partnerships can thrive.

We offer surveys incorporating core samples and design recommendations. Please click to view a case study on Grenville and Manning Way