Palatine Beds, Your Homes Newcastle

The company was awarded the contract to provide new roofing for client Your Homes Newcastle which manages the Westerhope-based company.

The roof replacement also includes the installation of solar photovoltaic panels and is one of the largest single roofing schemes YHN has carried out.


  • Work commenced in September 2014 and was carried out in block stages that began with stripping out asbestos cement sheets
  • Areas of the factory had to be sealed off whilst air tests were conducted and before a double skin metal cladding roofing system replaced the existing roof covering
  • The building was to be eco-friendly. Work was split into seven zones with four of the zones featuring a new 218 KWp solar photovoltaic system. The energy efficiency of the building will be dramatically improved and solar PVs will subsidise the factory’s power requirements ensuring a real return on investment and an environmental enhancement with much improved aesthetics.

Customer Feedback:
Replacing the roof at the Palatine Beds’ factory gave us a real chance to make some improvements to the efficiency of the building. Installing solar panels will allow us to make significant savings on our gas and electricity bills, which will result in a clear reduction in our carbon footprint. The double skin roof structure will also reduce heat loss and improve our overall energy efficiency.

The staff at Hodgson Sayers have been fantastic. It was crucial that during the replacement of the roof that production could continue in the factory and the shop continue to operate as normally as possible. The contractors and the staff at Palatine have worked really well together and shown considerable patience and, as a result, no sales have been lost.

Palatine-Beds-a-2 Palatine-Beds-c-2Palatine-Beds