North Tees Primary Substation

Appointed by Northern Power Grid as part of an ongoing contract to strip and recover the roof to North Tees Primary Substation situated in Billingham Industrial Estate.

The work commenced at the end of November 2017 and was completed in March 2018.

A team of 10 worked on the project which included a roofing team with two apprentices benefiting from the experience of two tradesmen with over 60 years’ experience between them. A scaffolding team and a site manager also worked on the project.

Building Information Modelling (BIM) was incorporated via the company’s BIM and ERP specialist, Kin Ma.

By using the BIM model the site specifications could be incorporated and shared with the client so that each stage of the work could be viewed and assessed. The client is able to use the model for the future to build its asset management system.

While undertaking the works, the team was subject to a B2 Achilles UVBD Audit. The results evidenced 100% scoring across the board from health and safety, environment, quality (SHEQ) management systems and CSR.


  • Weathering over the years led to the ash felt failing and water ingress which had the potential to damage the electrical equipment
  • The team conducted a survey on site and analysed core samples of material to recommend a three layer high performance felt
  • The work was carried out in phases to six different roof sections which spanned 2600 sq metres
  • Each roof specification varied and included an insulation recovery board and vapour barrier across some sections
  • The benefits of the new system removes the risk of water ingress which increases its longevity by giving a 15 year guarantee

Customer Feedback

The planning and delivery of the project was professional and efficient, a real testament to everyone involved