Netherhall School, Cumbria

Cumbria County Council commissioned the work for Netherhall School, Maryport.

Hodgson Sayers was appointed to the project by surveyors, White Young Green, to undertake extensive roofing repairs.

Work to the roof took place during the summer school holidays of 2016. Hodgson Sayers sourced local sub-contractors to work alongside our operatives to deliver the project.

In 2017 the team replaced the schools mechanical heating pipeline.


  • The existing roofing structure had come to the end of its life. During the summer holidays the team removed the existing flat roof coverings and installed a Bauder covering.
  • The roof lights and rainwater goods were also replaced.
  • The facilities management department at the school liaised with Hodgson Sayers. It was crucial when replacing the roof lights that the school was provided with a plan so that classrooms could be rearranged and disruption kept to a minimum.
  • 70 windows were replaced and work had to be timed around teaching.
  • In a second phase of works, the team replaced a mechanical heating system between June – September 2017. The updated pipework improved the school’s heating system, guaranteeing a longer life expectancy.

Due to the relationship formed with the school, Hodgson Sayers donated £2,000 towards the refurbishment of a community sports hall. The head teacher and  community partners were instrumental in bringing people of all ages and backgrounds together to pursue a more healthier and active lifestyle.

  • Customer Feedback:

The works were a challenging assortment of flat and pitched roof coverings all replaced in built-up felt, with a combination of mechanical heating, cavity trays and roof lights installed across the roof systems, this was a varied and interesting project undertaken over a 12 month period.