Educational Precinct, Northumbria University

Hodgson Sayers was awarded the contract with Northern Power Grid to carry out civil works to house the new transformer, providing an additional power source to the university.

Work was carried out from June to September 2017 while the students were on their summer holidays.


  • The old transformer was not capable of supplying sufficient energy to meet the needs of the expanding university
  • Prior to the project, a full health and safety check was carried out onsite
  • The team worked around the student end of term and various graduation ceremonies with minimum disruption
  • Civil modifications were needed to house the new electrical equipment
  • An acoustic screen was used to minimise the sound to the surrounding area
  • All works were completed on time to ensure the new connection was in place and ready for the students returning

Customer Feedback:

This was a collaborative project, interacting with contractors and other stakeholders to deliver a highly technical installation to a rigid deadline