13 Walker Terrace, Gateshead

Commercial property consultants, Lambert Smith Hampton, appointed Hodgson Sayers to repair a grade II stone listed wall at Walker Terrace, Gateshead. The wall is to the rear of a property used for people with learning difficulties.

Existing Condition –

The wall was bowed and leaning which was a safety concern to the public.


  • The team liaised with the conservation officer on a daily basis to ensure the correct protocols were in place.
  • The stones were carefully taken down and photographic evidence was required throughout the process. Due to the height of the wall and its weak condition, temporary shoring was installed to ensure it was stable.
  • Offices on either side of the wall and a nearby nursery were notified of the works and its progress to minimise disruption. The team worked closely with the nursery to ensure there was access at all times.
  • The wall was carefully rebuilt to match the existing by numbering the stones and positioning them in their original location.

Customer Feedback:

This was a relatively small job that was intricate in its requirements to demand the planning and organisation of a scheme much larger. The team worked diligently throughout to deliver a high quality project.