There’s so much pollution in the air now that if it weren’t for our lungs there would be no place to put it.’

We all know the saying ‘a breath of fresh air’ but the stark reality is 92% of the global population live in places with unhealthy air quality and air pollution kills approximately seven million people a year and is linked to one in eight deaths worldwide.

Clean Air Day is a chance for people to find out more about air pollution and how we can all help make the air cleaner and healthier for everyone.

At Hodgson Sayers, we have been working for years to make the business as environmentally friendly as possible. Our entire fleet of company cars are hybrids, we use solar PV systems to generate our electricity and we monitor company van use, making sure engines aren’t left idling and wasting fuel. Things that are so easy, such as turning off lights and diesel generators, are often overlooked but they make a big difference.

In October 2018, the UN warned we have 12 years left to limit climate change disaster or else we will significantly worsen the risks of drought, floods, extreme heat and poverty for hundreds of millions of people.

It is time for businesses and individuals to take responsibility before it is too late. Alongside our initiatives and commitment to cleaner air, we have made a collective team effort to focus on the achievement of various annual environmental objectives, including a pledge to reduce waste and in particular, single – use plastics.

In April this year, thousands of people from around the world gathered in London, in one of the biggest acts of peaceful civil disobedience in the UK in decades, to protest against climate change. Men and women, of all ages and ethnicities, stopped London in its tracks and made headlines worldwide. Over ten days, more than 1000 people were arrested, including pensioners, priests and professors. Press activity erupted, news cameras were everywhere and many thought this was the moment when the world would pay attention. And they did! Public outrage was vast, twitter was in uproar ….and why? Because a group of overzealous, extremist individuals were stopping people getting to work.

If the events in April highlighted anything, it was that it is clear to see we know environmental issues are important but if they inconvenience our everyday lives then we turn the other way.  We are running out of time in the war against pollution, at a time when the country is revolving around Brexit, and where our country will stand as a result, it is time for people to pay attention to the larger picture – the future of our planet.

We sincerely hope that our employees, suppliers and fellow businesses reading this, will think about what they are already doing and what more they can do for the environment before it is too late.