SHEQ Manager, James Rolt, discusses his important role within the committee

I joined the company in January 2016 as safety, health, environment and quality manager.

I work very closely with my colleague, Glyn Neasham our regulatory affairs manager, who recently helped to relaunch the SHEQ committee.

My role involves regularly carrying out site audits and gathering data on the company’s safety, environmental and quality performance. This information is presented to the company SHEQ committee to attain feedback on the effectiveness of procedures, whether they are functioning correctly and suit the business needs.

The work of the committee ensures a culture of continuous improvement. By ensuring that we have regular meetings and a structure in place for effective consultation, we are always able to find solutions and continually drive for the improved performance of our management systems.  It also ensures the team has a say in the policies and procedures that we are putting in place.

As part of my role, I periodically monitor the company’s energy usage. The introduction of solar panels and the acquisition of our own hybrid car fleet, demonstrates we are continually looking to live up to our environmental commitments.  By analysing data and presenting my findings in a quarterly environmental report, I am able to identify areas for further improvement.

Another part of my role is monitoring the company’s management of waste and ensuring we recycle as much as possible. Post-collection segregation of waste is costly and can end up harming the environment if it leads to recyclable waste being sent to landfill.

By practising proper on-site segregation of waste with clearly-marked containers for different kinds of waste and ensuring our employees understand our recycling procedures, Hodgson Sayers can save space, time, money and effort in recycling waste products. By reporting this within the SHEQ committee we are able to effectively promote these objectives throughout the workforce.