We shine the spotlight on administrator, Emily Stevenson

What car do you drive? I don’t actually drive, but I do own a Vauxhall Corsa, which a few workmates like to take the mick and remind me that I own a car I can’t actually drive! What’s your favourite restaurant? TGI Fridays Who or what makes you laugh? Definitely got to be my three...... Read more

Tarnya is all at sea at the weekend

Ledger Team Leader, Tarnya Henderson, gives us an insight into what rocks her boat when she is at work and at play! Outside of work I am pretty active. I go to the gym twice a week and walk my dog three times a day to ensure I hit 10,000 steps. It’s a good regime...... Read more

At the heart of the community

A big welcome to Eddy Maxwell MBE our man in the Midlands. As contracts manager and based at our new Nottingham office, Eddy is managing our relationship with customers in the Midlands and looking after recruitment as we build our presence. Eddy has vast experience in the construction sector which will be invaluable to us....... Read more

Our pledge to eradicate single-use plastics

Sustainable development is something we are passionate about, striving to achieve balance across the business between the environment, society and the economy. We promote continuous improvement and target to minimise our impact on the environment, focusing on the achievement of annual objectives, which, for 2017, included a pledge to reduce waste and in particular, single-use...... Read more

Baily and David complete first project at Cockle Park Farm

Baily Goyns and David Crank have worked through the apprenticeship programme at Hodgson Sayers and are now in a position where they have the qualifications, skills, competency and the correct attitude to deliver projects as tradesmen in their own right. The team was chosen to undertake the roof replacement works at a property at Cockle...... Read more