The cost of going green…

The shops are beginning to fill with a mixture of pumpkins and advent calendars, lists are being prepared by young and old and the ‘big’ coat has been brought out storage, it can all only mean one thing…winter is coming, and with it the annual headache of rising energy costs. With two of the major...... Read more

Making energy while the sun shines

Editorial by MD John Sayers In my previous post I touched upon the government’s target to have 4 million homes in the UK powered by sunlight by 2020. In order to achieve this target the ‘Feed-In Tariffs’ (FITs) scheme was launched in 2010 and currently around 2,000 Solar Photovoltaic Systems are being installed every week....... Read more

The future’s green

Green buildings, i.e. those which use water, energy or building materials in as efficient a way as possible, are continuing to prove a popular style for building, maintaining and remodelling property in the UK, as well as the wider global community. For instance, in Australia scientists are currently trialling a carbon capture system that turns...... Read more

Beware the (Skills) Gap!

Editorial by FM Mike Wade One of the biggest looming problems in the construction sector was laid bare last week with the CITB’s warning – within the construction industry over 406,000 of the UK’s employed and 182,800 self-employed workers from a total workforce of nearly 3 million, are from the “granddaddy” generation aged 55 or...... Read more

Industrial & Commercial Property – The TCO Conundrum

Editorial by FM Mike Wade No, this editorial doesn’t in any way relate to the first programme to be aired on the fledgling Channel 4 on 2nd November 1982, although just like the Countdown conundrum, it could prove crucial. I’m actually referring to the overall cost of occupying a business property; including rent, lease premiums,...... Read more

Slate – Not such a simple choice

Editorial by MD John Sayers As indigenous slate becomes more expensive and rarer to source, the UK industry has had to look to wider European and world markets to fulfil demand, resulting in slate from Spain, Brazil, Canada, America and China flooding into the market. As a natural product, the quality and characteristics of slate...... Read more