Industrial & Commercial Property – The TCO Conundrum

Editorial by FM Mike Wade No, this editorial doesn’t in any way relate to the first programme to be aired on the fledgling Channel 4 on 2nd November 1982, although just like the Countdown conundrum, it could prove crucial. I’m actually referring to the overall cost of occupying a business property; including rent, lease premiums,...... Read more

Slate – Not such a simple choice

Editorial by MD John Sayers As indigenous slate becomes more expensive and rarer to source, the UK industry has had to look to wider European and world markets to fulfil demand, resulting in slate from Spain, Brazil, Canada, America and China flooding into the market. As a natural product, the quality and characteristics of slate...... Read more

Construction output growth forecast gives reason to smile

Encouraging predictions from the Construction Products Association, whose latest forecasts indicate that although construction output is predicted to fall for the full year 2013, this is balanced by anticipated growth for the second half of the year, with 2014 output expected to grow at 2.2% and 2015 growth predicted at 4.5%. This would seem to...... Read more

New Signs

Part of our transition from Hodgson and Allon to Hodgson Sayers involved updating the branding on our extensive fleet of vans. Having made the change we grabbed a few of the vehicles (and some willing models!) on a sunny Friday for an impromptu photo shoot…check out the results below!

A modern approach to old techniques

Editorial by MD John Sayers Using historic materials can be a very rewarding experience. However a lot has changed from the time some materials were first used and often more thought is required to ensure compliance with Health and Safety regulations. Stone used in building or roofing can be very heavy compared with modern materials...... Read more

Top Tips for Potential Apprentices – QUALITY points

Editorial by FM Mike Wade When selecting an apprentice, an employer is investing in the future of the organisation as well as the individual. Using the QUALITY points below can help as a guide to assess the suitability of a candidate during the selection process. Considering the different aspects covered by the QUALITY points can...... Read more