Jemma Herring, administrator, discusses her all-time favourite songs.

With a passion for music, we shine the spotlight on our administrator, Jemma Herring, who shares her all time favourite songs!

Where did your love of music come from?

My mam and dad both have a mixed taste in music (from soul to rock and everything in between), so I was brought up on all sorts of styles as a child. We played my dad’s vinyl collection on his record player and had cassettes in our car. Certain songs bring back memories of past times.

What is your favourite musical style?

I like anything and everything I can either dance or chill to.

Please select your 10 favourite songs and provide a paragraph on why you chose each particular one.

Lynyrd Skynyrd – Freebird

  • This song reminds me of my childhood, playing on Playstation 2 with my brother on GTA San Andreas! It always played in-game and it is a fantastic 9 minute-long song that reminds me of my youth and having a laugh with my older brother when times were simpler.

Wings – Band on The Run

  • Again, this song reminds me of my childhood, as my dad used to sing this all the time to me and my brother. It always makes me reminisce about when we were younger.

Ed Sheeran – Barcelona

  • Barcelona is just a really happy, upbeat song that can cheer me up immediately. I went to see Ed in concert and it was absolutely amazing.

Bob Dylan – The Times They Are A Changin’

  • I love Bob Dylan, he’s always made me want to learn an instrument (especially the Harmonica, which didn’t go so well) & The Times They Are A Changin’ is just a really good, deep, thoughtful song. It’s also the opening credits song for the film Watchmen which I really love.

ABBA – I Have A Dream

  • This song reminds me of my Gran, as she always used to sing this even when it wasn’t playing. She absolutely adored this song and always danced to it, making me dance too, so it makes me smile and is very nostalgic.

The Beatles – Yesterday

  • Again, so much nostalgia around this song. It reminds me of my dad singing it to me when I was very little to hush me off to sleep. A bit cheesy, but it’s a happy song and filled with memories.

The Killers – Mr Brightside

  • This is just a really good song, it gets everyone up dancing and it gives the bar / club an amazing atmosphere. Everyone is smiling and having fun when Mr Brightside Kings of Leon – Holy Roller Novocaine / Talihina Sky.
  • Kings of Leon is the first concert I went to, I must have been about nine. It was so loud and I’ll never forget it. It was really hard to pick a favourite Kings of Leon song, as I love pretty much every song they’ve released. Holy Roller Novocaine is a great song, I love its sound and will always remind me of that concert. Within this track there’s a hidden bonus song called Talihina Sky and it’s such a contrast.

Green Day – 21 Guns

  • Green Day have, in my opinion, been great since the 80s. I listened to Green Day and similar genres through school and this song reminds me of those fun times with my friends. This song’s lyrics are quite powerful, and I just love to listen to it when it comes on.