James Rolt updates us on SHEQ committee initiatives

The SHEQ committee had a very positive 2017 and has helped to implement a number of initiatives across the company.

One of which was the successful ISO 14001 transition audit in December. We are now accredited to the most recent environmental management standard – ISO 14001:2015.

We want to keep this momentum during 2018.

We recently met for our first quarterly meeting and warmly welcomed site manager, Chris Tweddell, to the team.

A number of topics were discussed one of which was Safe2Torch, a National Federation of Roofing Contractors (NFRC) campaign. Developed in partnership with contractor and manufacturer, it seeks to significantly reduce the risk of roof fires when using gas torches.

All management and operatives have had a briefing on its requirements and three new specification torches, compliant with the campaign have been issued.

We have identified a number of areas for continual improvement and have put solutions in place, no matter how small. We are also looking at ways to continue to cut down on paper documents and print, where necessary.

A number of the team are tasked to look at ways of reducing water usage in two of our units. This will equate to a saving of 2% based on information from combined data.

From a personal viewpoint, I am pleased with the smooth running of the committee and its purpose of discussing and analysing information and sharing this with all of the team. We work hard to address peoples’ perceptions and their needs, with the aim of continual improvement.

Another example of this is our work with site managers. Using his onsite experience, Chris Tweddell, has been liaising with the teams to ensure our sites are always maintained to the highest of standards.