Employee wellbeing gets added focus in April

April is Stress Awareness Month, an initiative we fully endorse.

It is important the company and our staff come together to discuss and increase awareness around the factors that can cause stress and also look at ways to boost wellbeing.

We have made a big effort to make wellbeing a key issue, whether this is physical or emotional.

As such, we work alongside Newcastle-based occupational health provider, OH3, who visit us each month.

OH3 provide occupational health services throughout the UK. Its dedicated team of physicians, nurse advisors, counsellors and physiotherapists are all accessible to us.

All colleagues have a medical on a rotational basis to check their liver function, musculoskeletal system and have a skin inspection as part of a general health check.

OH3 has established a relationship with our people built on trust and confidentiality and we liaise with the same nurse on a monthly basis.

Any issues are flagged up and support is offered to colleagues should they need it. We feel that we have a role to play in looking after the health and wellbeing of our team and taking a short time out from a busy day can help to manage stress and anxiety.