Emmaville Primary school

 Single-ply system installed successfully following delays caused by “The Beast from the East”.

The initial proposed scheme was for a mechanically fixed single-ply roofing system to be installed on an extension being built by Gateshead council at Emmaville primary school in Ryton.

Following our pre-start meeting the client’s programme was behind schedule and severely disrupted due to severe inclement weather consisting of minus temperatures, severe wind and heavy snow.  The ‘Beast from the East’ had struck and decimated construction work not only in the North East but nationally too.

Contracts manager, Colin Howey and quantity surveyor, Tim Read, offered an alternative, fully bonded system, that would not only maintain the original 20 year guarantee but allow internal works to progress once the roofing works commenced and the weather proof vapour barrier was installed.  Furthermore, the system would be cost effective with no additional costs submitted to the client.

The client was delighted with the proposals and agreed to using an ICB Evalon single-ply built-up system including 120mm insulation which conformed to new building regulations and the go ahead was authorised.

Following praise on a similar system installed recently at Lanchester wines, it was agreed to allow one of our younger team members – Alex Atkinson and Craig Taylor – to gain additional experience on this different system and utilise their new found skills.

There were several intricate and difficult operations to be carried out that involved installing:-

  • Wall plates and upvc fascia boards
  • Sunpipes to give natural light to the building
  • Rubber matting walkway to give access for preventative maintenance
  • Check kerb profiles to the roof perimeter
  • Boxing out soffits to adjacent roof
  • Tying in to existing slated pitched roof
  • Packing out timbers to make adjustments for 3 degree pitch on new flat roof

Due to the additional intricate works, we utilised the experience of one of our most experienced roofers, Derek Nicholson, to help supervise the young team.  Stephen Watt, one of our second year apprentices, was also added to the team to obtain knowledge in the system and gain further experience for his college portfolio.

The progress was good from day one and the contract was delivered ahead of schedule and with the works completed to an exceptionally high standard.

The client was delighted with the end result and grateful for the alternative proposals offered by Hodgson Sayers, allowing them to achieve critical deadlines.