Contracts manager, Stuart Ford walks us through a work day

My alarm goes off every day at 5.45 am and there is no time for pressing snooze! The first thing I do is jump straight in the shower and then grab my much needed first cup of coffee. I leave the house at around 7.10 am which is about the time my two daughters get up so, luckily, I’m on my way out the door rather than battling for the bathroom with my thirteen year-old!

I like to be in the office for 7.20am as I often have to catch up on extra work from the day before. After I have checked my emails I speak with a few of the lads. At any given time I am managing between 2-10 men and every morning I like to give them a run down on what I need from them that day and ask them about progress from the day before.

I have only been in my current role for nine weeks but it’s not the first time I have worked for Hodgson Sayers. I was contracted as site manager at Midland Heart, Birmingham in 2017 and the job only finished in April this year, so I was back working at the company extremely quickly – I’m sure my wife would agree that I’m hard to get rid of!

I am currently helping out with a contract with Newcastle University. Given that we’re working on 95 buildings there is a lot of paperwork that needs to be filled out! I’m also an old hand at sourcing resources and we need to contract plenty of them at the minute.

When I get home I’m straight in to dad mode. My girls are 13 and 10 but I’m very lucky as they’re not typical of their age and still like to spend time with their old man. During the week we normally just relax at home in the evening but when it comes to the weekend we like to go out for a meal or for a family trip to the cinema. It’s not all about the kids though, I like to take my wife out for a few drinks on the weekend as well!