Congratulations to Stephen as Junior Vice President of the NFB

I was very pleased to take up the post earlier this year as commercial manager. My role includes new business development and raising the profile of the company.

One of my first events was with the National Federation of Builders (NFB), which represents small to medium-sized businesses, builders, contractors and house builders across England and Wales.

At the meeting the opportunity arose for a Junior Vice President position. Keen to establish myself and the company I thought this was an opportunity not to be missed.

Thankfully, nobody opposed and so I now begin my two year role. I then have the opportunity, if I so wish, to rise up the ranks to Vice President before becoming President in four years.

This was probably a bit of a surprise to our managing director, John Sayers, when I came back after the first meeting as an elected member of the regional committee!

As with all titles, comes responsibilities!

For example, I will be asked to chair the Northern Region Association meeting in the absence of the president and the vice president. I will be strongly involved with initiatives aimed at developing the sector in the region. An area of interest particularly for the business is the NFB’s support for apprentices as a solution to the skills shortage.

Apprentices are key to any sector and that is why Hodgson Sayers develop and nurture our youngsters from a young age.

As part of the committee I will also be involved in attracting guest speakers from framework providers who are able to share knowledge and support the SME market in the North East.

This is just a snap shot of some of the ways that I will be involved, it is a fantastic opportunity to help raise my profile within the wider community and for the company to be more involved with activities within the NFB.

I am looking forward to attending my first meeting soon as junior vice president and providing you with further updates on my involvement with the NFB.