BIM and ERP systems integrator, Kin Ma, is looking to personal development in a big way

It has been a busy start to the year for me as I continue to learn and develop my role as BIM and ERP systems integrator.

I have implemented our building information model across the business, so all colleagues have shared access.

Very pleasingly, it has also allowed me the opportunity to work with a number of our teams to develop a model that will add greater value to our client offering.

Most recently, I assisted our contract managers to enhance their projects.

North Tees Power Substation is an example of this. By using the BIM model, the site specifications could be viewed and shared with the client, who is then also able to use the model in the future to assist it to build its asset management structure. I find this very rewarding and enjoyable work.

As well as helping with the designs for live projects I will be turning my attention to the manufacturing production process within the business. I am currently assessing this and looking at how we can enhance performance. The aim is to continue to work as lean as we can and make processes and systems efficient, so we improve everyone’s workflow.

On a personal level, I am studying for a Chartered Management Institute (CMI) Level 5 management and leadership course. I enjoy the interaction of working with colleagues and at some point would like to manage my own team.