#BeatPlasticPollution with Hodgson Sayers

Reducing waste and in particular single use plastics, is very high on our agenda at Hodgson Sayers. As such, we are thoroughly focused on supporting World Environment Day on Tuesday 05 June.

A United Nations initiative, World Environment Day was launched in 1974 and has grown to become a global platform for public support and is promoted across 100 countries.

Beat Plastic Pollution is the theme this year. We are all invited to consider how we can make simple changes to reduce plastic pollution.

India has emerged as a global environmental leader in recent years and is host to this year’s World Environment Day. Communities of all scale will play their part to beat plastic pollution.

Some reasons why plastic pollution is a major global problem:

  • Up to 5 trillion plastic bags are used annually
  • 13 million tonnes of plastic leak into the ocean each year
  • 1 million plastic bottles bought each minute
  • 83% of tap water is found to contain plastic particles

We are supporting IEMA, the international membership organisation, committed to global sustainability. We are joining in the global game of #BeatPlasticPollution tag and here’s how you can play: http://worldenvironmentday.global/en/get-involved/join-global-game-beatplasticpollution-tag

Our company pledge is to reduce single use plastics throughout the business.

We are asking all our stakeholders to add their own pledge on social media to the #PledgeLessPlastic and @HodgsonSayers

Other hashtags to use on 05 June include #lessplastic #worldenvironmentday and #beatplasticpollution

Our team have been busy making their own personal pledges which they are returning to line managers or placing in a feedback box.

We are also looking into alternatives within the business to minimise the current single use of plastics including: milk bottles, water bottles, stationary, consumables and packaging.

What will we be doing on the day? We will be undertaking a range of litter picks, enjoying a plastic free lunch, spreading awareness and having some fun with a plastic quiz.

We hope as many of our stakeholders as possible will take some positive action on the day and back this extremely important initiative.