Baily and David complete first project at Cockle Park Farm

Baily Goyns and David Crank have worked through the apprenticeship programme at Hodgson Sayers and are now in a position where they have the qualifications, skills, competency and the correct attitude to deliver projects as tradesmen in their own right.

The team was chosen to undertake the roof replacement works at a property at Cockle Park Farm, Northumberland to ensure that experience continues to be added to their list of attributes.

The project required them to remove the existing roof covering and replace it with grade A CUPA Spanish slate, which was in keeping with the style of the building.

They also replaced the lead flashings and provided a solution to the discovery of bats. By working closely with an ecologist, the team introduced entry holes into the ridge tiles of the building causing no risk to the bats.

The feedback from the client was very good and it was fantastic to see the on-going development of investment in the talent of the future.

They now have the challenge of bigger projects to come.

Well done!