An EGG-Sighting discovery!

We have some exciting additions to the team….It’s a warm welcome our new blue tits who have ‘nestled’ in.

One of our regular site litter picks led to a surprise discovery by Eddie Hern from our stores department.

Eddie, said: “I work alongside a great team consisting of stores manager, Nigel Deans and storeman, Ross Graver. We regularly take part in a site clean-up and I was emptying the cigarette tray outside of our warehouse when I noticed a birds nest.

“To my surprise there were ten eggs.

“I informed the team and placed a sign above the nest so the birds would not be disturbed. The stainless steel ashtray is watertight ensuring a safe environment for the eggs who, I am pleased to say, have now all hatched and are very chirpy.

“I have been at the company for nearly 15 years and I am very passionate about protecting the local environment, so being able to assist the young birds was a labour of love.

“We have been doing our research and blue tits seldom roam far from their nest. We also know their favoured habitat is broad-leaved woodland, of which there is plenty nearby. So, it looks like they may be around for quite a while!”