Amanda is the icing on the cake for residents

My journey began five years ago when I followed my dad, project manager, Keith Sherwin, into the company. Little did I realise at the time that I would also soon be working with my sister Lucy who I encouraged to apply for the position of logistics manager. She passed with flying colours and it is great to work alongside them both.

My role is resident liaison officer, which is a great job as it involves liaising with residents and looking after their welfare when the company is working in their area. I help with the programming of works for tender documents, prepare tenant information packs, resolve any queries, inform residents when work will commence and generally develop and strengthen resident relationships. I am also the person they can have a laugh and joke with and even a little moan over a cup of tea, if that is how they feel.

Some of the work we carry out is at the homes of elderly people and I make it my priority to visit them and keep them up-to-date on works schedules.

One lovely lady, had lived through the war and felt she couldn’t cope with the noise that might come from the works.

We offered to take her out for the day while work to her roof took place. She very politely declined, so I sat with her and kept her company. I am pleased to say that she found the noise was not as intrusive as she had feared and we parted as good friends.

It is this aspect of my job that I really enjoy.

Another lady surprised me in the most pleasant way by baking me a cake and another lady never fails to text me on New Year’s Eve. How nice is that!

I also really like working alongside the operational squads and being part of a successful team.

As part of my career progression, I am now training to be a contract manager. This is something that I have wanted to do for a while and I am fortunate the company has encouraged and mentored me to build my career with them. If you are willing to learn and progress there is always an opportunity to develop. However, there is only one downside to being a contract manager that I will have to get used to. I am unlikely to have a cake baked for me!