A week in the life: Colin Howey

Colin Howey, Contracts Manager at Hodgson Sayers, shares an insight into what a typical week can look like for him.

For me, every week differs depending on the workload and the projects that we may be preparing for or currently working on.
Myself and fellow Contracts Manager, Paul Cowen, look after roughly 30 men and we have daily meetings to ensure the smooth running of projects.

Two to three times a week we would also meet with the site managers who are in charge of the day-to-day running of client work, again to check that everything is on-track.

With large projects, we would plan weeks ahead to ensure we have sufficient manpower and to allow time to thoroughly brief the teams on all aspects of the project. This can be anything from health and safety and risk assessment procedures which are carried out prior to any job, to ensuring they have the relevant work wear or equipment with them.

On Fridays, Paul and I generally assign teams for work in the week ahead so that on Monday the guys have been thoroughly briefed and know who they will be working withWe always have one senior member of the team on-site with a roofer and a junior member, or an apprentice.

As well as ensuring that the teams know what they are doing, it is also my responsibility that the admin side of the role is well underway. This would see me doing weekly costings, estimates for tenders and weekly audits on both the site vans and the sites.

It is also down to me to have sufficient supplies and equipment ready and in operation for the first day of a job. By way of example, scaffolding is often crucial in our line of workI also work closely with our young apprentices, ensuring they are getting relevant guidance and experience as and where they are on projects.

Last, but not least, building client relationships is essential to my role and something I particularly enjoy. We are here to get it right for the client, to deliver on time and to budget with the right team who are focused and ready for the work ahead.