Desert Island Discs

Darren Black tells us why he loves nothing more than rocking the night away to classical music, as he lists his top ten songs There are two key influencers in my love of music. My brother who is a decade older than me and my cousin, Michael Mason, a self-taught musician and member of 1980s...... Read more

School holidays, repairs and renovations.

As we enter September and the new school year commences, it is not just parents and grandparents that are relieved the long summer holidays are over and they no longer need to keep youngsters occupied and stimulated. There is also a huge sigh of relief from the army of contractors up and down the land...... Read more

Contracts manager, Stuart Ford walks us through a work day

My alarm goes off every day at 5.45 am and there is no time for pressing snooze! The first thing I do is jump straight in the shower and then grab my much needed first cup of coffee. I leave the house at around 7.10 am which is about the time my two daughters get...... Read more

Our success is music to Alan’s ears

Our apprentices know him as their dynamic Newcastle College, programme lead, but outside of work Alan Bessford loves nothing more than attending music festivals. With college out for the summer, Alan spent a month at Reading Festival where he helped with the three day annual production. His love for music stems from 11 years working...... Read more